Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1. Vehicle handover is serious and delicate part in vehicle from handover to takeover.

 2. Never be in a hurry to hand over a vehicle.

 3. You must be sure that takeover is in good shape of mind.

 4. You must follow handover/takeover log procedures.
 5.It make you know how to better utilise the vehicle and being fully aware of it’s capabilities and can improve driver safety,

 6. Lower maintenance costs and make your business even more efficient.

 7. It makes you understand your job and put you in better position of control.

 8. One of the major problems to avoid from this process is security issue, scratch, dent, flat tire, dent, and other defects and so on,

 9. It minimise vehicle downtime.

10. Vehicle handover is very vital as it proves tour your customer your brand experience and is a vital part of the handover.

11. It improve the workforce of the driver

12. It helps to get good feedback from the customer

13. This aid the vehicle routine condition and any repair work can be carried out promptly

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