Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 1. The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. many of us speed in other to beat time, but let me tell you one thing, you are burning more fuel. If you cover distance of 400kms at the speed rate of 120km/h, which will take you about 3hrs 20mins, and you cover the same distance of 400kms at the speed rate of 100km/h which will take you 4hrs. now let us consider the fuel consumption. 120km/h will consume 80 litres, while 100km/h will consume 55 litres. 

 2. Cruise control optimise fuel consumption since the fuel management is being done by computer in the vehicle. which is more efficient than human being.

 3. Excess wight in the vehicle. many people keep unusefull  lugage in the vehicle for no reason all this add to the wight of the vehicle, thereby increasing the fuel consuption of the vehicle.

 4. Air cleaner. all african cities are very dusty thereby this increases the chances of air cleaner to get dirty easily, and this will choke air intake of the vehicle, and this will increase the intake of the fuel since the vehicle is design to move at any intake of fuel.

 5. Bind brake. we should check our vehicle regularly for brake binding by touching the rim with our finger if we stop at least once daily.

 6. fuel cap. we shoul check after refuelling, if the fuel cap is well tightened, since fuel evaporate easily through this fuel cap.

 7. Park your vehicle under shade to prevent excessive heat from sun.

 8. Be sure to swicth off all the aparatus in the vehicle to prevent heavy cranking of the engine.

 9. Tire cap. Always check for the tire valve to prevent the tire from deflation from dust. Since this will make the vehicle heavier and heavy load for the engine.

10. Go slow. In traffick we should learn to drive gently to prevent over reving of the engine, since the distance to cover will be less than 20 metres.

11. We should learn to warm for less than 2 minutes and we should not rev the engine within this period.