Friday, April 20, 2012


It is natural and compulsory to move from point A to point B. Nevertheless it must be in safety at all cost, therefore we must put into consideration all vital factors that will save us time and money.

 1. Reason for the journey. Is it for fun or business.

 2. The people involved. Is it personal or official. Long term holiday or short term.

 3. The quality of the road terrain.

 4. Intra-city or inter-state.

 5. Your vehicle. The vehicle involved must be thoroughly checked and confirmed in all ramification that will be able to perform the task without disappointment.

 6. Eatery centers that will be convenient for everybody and the pilot should not over eat to avoid constipation

 7. You must know your destination(s) and point of stop-over.

 8. The duration of the journey.

 9. Road trip fun like games, songs, jokes and other stuffs that will make your journey a memorable and everlasting trip
 10. What and what you need to carry along, personal or official that you need to use.

11. Your route plan. Alternative routes if route A is blocked or chocked for any reason.

12. Security information like hospital, nature of the road, rest house along the routes, mechanic workshops, gas stations.

13. If it is official your trip logging.

14. If for any reason there is diversion, please notify your dispatcher before you do so.

15. If it is convoy driving the vehicle with the lowest speed should be in the front.

16. If it is official movement remember to hold a short meeting before you embark on the journey.