Thursday, April 5, 2012


Night driving should be avoided at all cost. If the situation warant for the movement, we should then do all within our capacity to drive to the of our ability to prevent accident, because night driving is highly prone to accident. please be informed to make the best of the best preparation for night journey. The following things should be taking into considerations.

Safe driving starts with a thorough eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy.        

You must understand the condition of your sight. Some people cannot see well at night but, they still want to drive. While this pose him to greater chances of being involved in an accident.

 1. Armed robbers. The first factor we should put into consideration should be the attack of the unknown. The best time for robbers to work or attack is night.

 2. Lights. The light of the vehicle should be parfecly okay to create room for seen and be seen.

 3. Reflectors. All the reflector post on the vehicle should be well installed and should be genuine ones to create awareness for other vehicles that our own vehicle is existing.

 4. Wind shield wiper. The wiper should be in perfect condition, rain might fall or need for it might come up.

 5. Full allertness. If your health is not sound please and please never you risk night driving.

 6. Good condition of your Engine. If you did not trust your engine for over - heating, bad alternator, incoplete conbustion and so on, please do not put that vehicle on the road.

 7. Mirrors. All your side mirrors and the centre mirror should be in perfect working condition.

 8. Speed limit. this is an important factor. If your speed in daytime is 100km/h please kindly reduce it to 90 or 80km/h. Your vision cannot be perfect like that of the afternoon.

 9. Pot holes/ditches. Night driving concerning pot holes/ditches should be given extra priority in terms of consideration, robbers can make use of pot holes/ditches. Thereby we should be extra carefull and smart in contact with pot holes/ditches.

10. Glasses. People with glasses should understand the full functions of their glasses. Some glasses were meant for reading only, and not for any other functions. There is night driving glasses.

11. Do not look directly into the glare from the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, keep your eyes on the road in front of you. You may even use the beam of the approaching car to scan for obstacles that your headlight beam hasn’t reached yet.

 12. Any source of light inside the car will seem extremely bright and will make it more difficult to see. You can also dim your dashboard lights to help with glare.

13. you may use antireflective (AR) treatments on your glasses. A high-quality AR lens increases the amount of light reaching your eye by 8% and reduces halos and glare from light.

14. Do not drink and drive, for no reason do not indulge in any substaces that will impair your defensive driving. Nevertheless do not allow anybody that is intoxicated to drive you. If worst come, please take a cab.

15. You should never under estmate the power of a cell phone. Be sure that your phone is fully charged with call credit and the battery bar is full.

16. Never offer lift to anybody or any form of assistance, since you are out for rescue mission.

17. If your headlight is dirty, it will never give you 100% efficience and lighting. It is advisasble you clean the headlights of your vehicle before going out in the dark.

18. Glaring comprises of dirty windows at night. Before leaving, be sure to clean the inside and outside of your windshield.                                       .

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